Thursday, March 09, 2006


I imagine that by know you know that Kirby Puckett has died. If not, consider moving out from underneath that rock. I'm still kind of having a hard time getting my head around the fact that my favorite childhood ballplayer is dead. I mean, come on, my favorite childhood ballplayer is dead. Uh, hello, I'm 26! Things like that aren't supposed to happen till I'm 50 or so. I mean, jeez. I know his reputation had kinda, sorta gone downhill a shade what with the infideltiy, the accusations of abuse and assault the robot smuggling ring etc. But he's till the guy that homered to wing game 6 of the '91 World Series and you have to do alot in my mind to erase that.

We half watched the Oscars sunday, flipping back to it during the commercials during, no fooling, Scary Movie 3. Which I'd say was much more entertaining. I was glad to see Crash win for best picture (It was also the only Best Pic nominee I'd seen) and Reese Witherspoon win for Best Actress (Gwens a huge fan and Walk the Line was a great movie). Otherwise, I have little to say. I know every Oscars show is expected to have at least one 'gag me' moment. I just didn't think it would come as fast or as violent as George Clooneys "We actors are freakin' awesome!" speech. Hey George, you're a goddam actor, get over yourself.

I'll have a review up later of the new Bravo show, Top Chef.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Jen said...

Here's my review of Top Chef: It kind of sucked, it kind of blew, I'm sure I'll watch it anyway if only to see the wine guy fall on his big, stupid, smarmy face. No one with lips that liver like should be so pleased with themself.


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