Monday, June 27, 2005

Working the Boat

Turned out to be a blast. I got there at 7 30 and me and Tommy spent til about 10 finishing prep work. Making eggs, panning stuff up, doing a fruit tray etc. Then we loaded everything onto the truck and drove it over to the marina. Unloaded everything (nearly losing a rolling warmer filled with food off the edge of the truck in the process...I would have cried I think) and brought it on the boat.
The boat is a very nice 100 foot...I don't know what its called. River cruiser thingy. The galley is the size of a bathroom. But after we awere all set up, and the guests were on board me and Tommy went up to the pilot house and hung out with the captain for awhile. It's great. He's just a typical foul mouthed middle aged sailor type who split his time between complaining that there wasn't any NASCAR pre-race coverage on and making obscene jokes about the first mates mother.
Once we had passed through the lock and dam we opened the buffet line. I mostly stayed in the galley makeing eggs benedict and panning up desserts and such.
Well, long story short when we got back to dock Tommy and I stood by the door thanking the guests as they left. It was really gratifying because almost every person who passed said how good the food was.
Breaking everything down and hauling it back up to the truck was kind of a pain in the heat, but thats about it. Really, this is exactly what I got into this business to do. I can't wait to go again next week.


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