Friday, June 24, 2005

I'm looking at long weekend and not in the normal good sense. I picked up an extra shift on Sunday, so after working till midnight Saturday, I will go home, shower, sleep for a few hours then head back to work early Sunday. I'm going to be working the brunch buffet cruise boat we have. Everyone has warned me that the galley is tiny, as in the ceiling is a few inches above my head. Should be interesting. Of course it will be good experience and a whole days worth of overtime.

I may have mentioned before the new rule prohibiting us from getting pop from the restaurant dispensers. We have a water cooler we can use, and thats fine because I mainly only drink water anyway. But lately there haven't been any full jugs. Considering I drink 4-6 25 oz. bottles of water a shift, this is real pain in the ass. I can either hike over to a cooler on the other side of the building (not really feasible when I'm trying to do my job) or I can drink, yech, tap water. How do I get by? I'm such a trooper.


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