Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hells Kitchen Episode 3 recap Part 2

At lineup, Chef demands improvement on tonights dinner service. He also tells the group that two top food critics are in the house tonight.
Things get off to a bad start for Blue side as Andrews risotto makes someone puke after one bite. Oops. On the red side, Jeff is his usual ineffectual self. He loudly complains he's never worked on a line before, and chef understandingly calls him over to scream profanity at him. Jeff looks pissed. The dishes that go out get mixed reviews from the critcs. Jeff continues messsing up. Wendy dosen't have spaghetti ready because she used cold water in the pot. "I thought cold water boiled faster!" Chef looks like he wants to shoot himself. Back on red Jeff drops his pasta, Jimmy serves medium lamb thats pink inside. After a good yelling-at, Jimmy runs off to fix it and promptly wipes out on the floor. Oh man, a fat guy falling, it never gets old. I can't believe he's made it this far. Back to blue where chef demands to know when the entrees are coming up. Wendy says ten minutes which wins some yelling. Raplh hurries over, asks him to call the order again, then tells him five minutes. Jessica admits Ralph holds their team together. He does seem to be doing everything. He even tells Wendy not to be such a "nervous ninny". Ok.
On red side chef rides Jeff some more. Jeff mutters something under his breath and the sous chef starts screaming at him to repeat it. What did he say? What did he say? Commercial break!
Back from break, chef continues screaming at Jeff, who finally breaks down and calls him an asshole. Chef looks amused as Jeff storms out. Everyone else on red team looks pissed, as evident by their throwing of towels on counters. Yeah, that what I do when I'm frustrated. I totally get this show. Frankly I thought everyone would be doing the "Hey hey hey, Goddbye) song, but no. They're a man down now, so they do the logical thing, stand around looking pissed.
Chef eventually wanders over to Blue side where he yells at Wendy for no obvious reason than he hasn't yelled at anyone recently. Really, she wasn't doing anything wrong and he just starts screaming at her to shut up.
The night ends, as it always does with Chef getting pissed and shutting down the kitchen. He lines everyone up and declares they took a big step back tonight. But the critics preffered red sides dishes, so they..well they don't win, Blue team loses. Chef says he would hate to see Blue team have to work with out Ralph, so he gets to pick the two nominees to be eliminated.
Everyone retreats outside. Jessica crys, and says she doesn't want to go home. If I'm Andrew I'm figuring Raplh owes me one for that peaches debacle. Ralph lays on a weight bench and contemplates.
Back inside Ralph announces his choices. Wendy, because most of their problems seemed to come from her station...and Andrew because his constant arguing with Chef was a distraction. You can see Andrew just bursting to scream "Peaches!?! PEACHES!!??!" but he holds it in.
The two step forward to defend themselves. Wendy promises to improve. Andrew admits he had some disagreements with Chef..."Disagrements?? Thats the best you can do? Start over."
Anyway, chef says its an easy pick this week. Wendy. Jessica starts crying at the announcement. No group hug as Wendy goes straight out. Jessica will miss her. Wendy wishes she could have lasted longer.
Chef impales Jeff and Wendys coats on the meat hooks. Jessica crys.
Next week, Red team maybe actually finishes the entire dinner service and Jessica gets all weepy. Surprisingly.
Wow, that was alot of words. I should really do this on the laptop while I'm watching.
Ok, thats it.


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