Thursday, March 17, 2005

Top 10 Disney Rides- Revamped

Allright. Now that I've had a few months to ride every single attraction at Disney a zillion times, I have a more developed top ten ride list. Here goes-

10-Space Mountain. Sit in front. Or go at the right time and ride your own ship. Thats what I did!
9-Haunted Mansion. In need of some updating, but still classic.
8-Buzz Lightyear. I'm not very good. 200,000 is my best.
7-Jungle Cruise- This is getting a temporary boost up here, based on the hilarious guide I had last time. Oh, clicking noise!*
6-Kilimanjaro Safaris. Yeah, yeah. Look, I've warmed to it, ok?
5-Tower Of Terror-You never the ride broken or is it supposed to be doing this?
4-Mickeys Philharmagic. It's good, you know.
3-Dinosaur. Why oh why, couldn't I ride the real version of this? Was CTX better, or just more "intense" (Which is the word EVERYONE uses to describe it>)
2-Rock N' Roller Coaster- Ok everyone. Slap the back of your hand on your forehead.. "Waitaminute. I love that idea."
1-Splash Mountain. Still the best

* "Are you guys ready for a fun and exciting ride? (Cheers) Ok, when this ride is over Pirates is right over that way....naw I'm kidding....that rides no good either."

"Where does this path take us? It could lead to could lead to treasure.. it probably leads to a gift shop!"

(While in the temple scene with the monkeys)"Monkeys...why does it always have to be monkeys?"

(By the gorillas ransacking the camp) Hahaha! Nothing says comedy like a monkey with a gun!"

(The tree with the explorers and rhino) "Oh my god!! all those rocks! There must be like..two hundred of them! Way too many to count right now!"

(Approaching the elephant pool) "Comin up now, an absoultely breathtaking site that I will only get to see every ten minutes for the rest of my life."


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do I begin? It’s not easy to dispute the opinion of someone who has ridden every ride a zillion times. But, I guess I’m still entitled to my own opinion. You just might not care to read it.
Space Mountain – The funny thing is, for years I really didn’t think much of that ride. Then, the last time I rode it I thought it was more fun than I remembered. I don’t know, maybe I’m entering my second childhood phase……or my third. Anyway, I could see it in the top ten.
Haunted Mansion – I will always love this ride. It’s a true Walt Disney classic. You could say it’s dated, but I think of it more as “original”. For me, it’s way higher than #9.
Buzz Lightyear – I was going to say that I would not include this on my list of favorites. Then I realized that the last time I was there I rode this ride three times. Which is twice more than I rode any other ride. So, what does that make me? A closet Buzz Lightyear rider? Wait, let me rephrase that…..A closet Buzz Lightyear ride rider.
Jungle Cruise – Another classic ride. But, as you indicated, everything depends on how good your guide is. Sadly, for me anyway, it’s been years since I’ve had a really good one. Too iffy for the top ten.
Kilimanjaro Safaris – In truth, I’ve only been to AK once in my life. I thought the safari was pretty cool. Maybe top ten. I just need more data. I better go back soon.
Tower of Terror – Could easily be the best ride ever. Great theming, great thrills, great….other stuff.
Mickey’s Philharmagic – no comment.
Dinosaur – Really good ride. I realize it was even better in it’s first life, but still right up there. Just a little lower on my list.
Rock n Rollercoaster – Great roller coaster. It’s the kind of ride that other theme parks can only dream of creating. And that means a lot coming from someone who never ever visits other theme parks.
Splash Mountain – no argument. This ride will always be near the top of any list.

Missing from your list – Big Thunder. I generally consider this my #1 ride. It’s got the theming, it’s got the thrills, it’s got the other stuff. And, it’s classic Disney. It has it all.

Interesting point – You listed six rides from MK and none from Epcot. Brutal.


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