Saturday, March 26, 2005

Oh, ha ha

There's a whole second bracket. I thought that was missing some people.

Here we go.

Captain Whatever v. Chernoboag. Like you need to ask. Chernoboag isn't allowed to be a costumed park character because, well, he's kinda hard to costume. Captain Whatever is'nt allowed to be a character because no one wants to admit they have anything to do with him.

Evil Queen v. J.W. Foulfellow. Is that his name? Ok, I'll vote for him. I seriosuly doubt the queen would be able to knock him off, what with what we've seen of her off-knocking skills.

Gaston v. Sher Khan. Likliehood of Gaston being eaten by a tiger in his natural environment- negligible. Likliehood of Sher Khan being eaten by tiger in his natural environment- slightly greater. Advantage, Gaston.

Jafar v. Kaa. Oh nice, you put the two hypnotizing guys together. So, do we go with Jafar and his twirly snake thingy, or Kaa and his not twirly snake..uh..self. I don't know I guess Kaa could eat him. Kaa.

Mad Madame Mim v. Malificient. I really have no idea who MMM is, but if there's any chance she has a hatpin or some other suitably sharp and puny object on her person, Malificent is going down.

Percival McLeach v. Hades. Oh thats fair. A guy named Percival versus the king of the Underworld. Never saw hercules, and don't remember rescuers...hmmm. Well I guess hades would win the Tiger Test. Hades.

Ratigan v. Stromboli. The Great Mouse Detective? Huh? That was a movie? Did the mouse wear a tiny Sherlock Holmes style hat? I'll give it to him on the assumption that he did. Wait, that's not who I'm voting for here. What were we talking about?

Sherrif of Nottingham v. Clayton. Is Clayton the ugly guy with teeth on his hat? I always thought he was some cartoonish guy with a huge jaw. I sure do remember Robin Hood pretty well, considering I havent seen it in at least 15 years. Man, I may have seen that movie more than any other Disney movie ever. So, Sherrif.

Ok, really thats it.


At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's true that Chernaborg is powerful, but he lacks depth. Still, no way is a mere mortal going to stand up to him.

I'm going to use the apple factor on the next one. J. Worthington Foulfellow stole an apple from Pinoccio. The Evil Queen made a poison apple to try to commit murder. She failed, but it was a nice idea.

Likelyhood that Gaston would be clever enough to tie a burning branch to Sher Khan's tail - negligible. Advantage Sher Khan.

Wasn't Kaa's voice done by the same guy that did Winnie the Pooh? It's hard to get much resect that way.

Mad Madame Mim had a minor part in A Sword in the Stone. Maleficent had some problems, but she did turn into a pretty cool dragon.

Percival McLeach...the name says it all. Hades does not even work up a sweat on this one.

Ratigan is a rodent. Stromboli is a four hundred pound puppeteer. What's scarier than that?

Getting back to the tiger factor - Tarzan killed a leopard with his bare hands, then got his butt kicked all over the jungle by Clayton until Clayton accidentally hung himself. Based on that I'll go with Clayton...I guess.

That's all. I have to go.


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