Saturday, March 26, 2005

Work Work

I started training into grill station last night, and of course, it was maybe the single busiest night we have had since I got here. First off, I thought fryer and pantry were hard..ha....I could do those standing on my head compared to this one. Well, no not really, but it was kinda insane. You have alot of things you are responsible for, plus you have to remember how many steaks you have to have going, what they all need to be cooked to.....its hard to explain. It's just pretty crazy. It is however the station I most need to be trained into, especially with me possibley coming home early. I'm supposed to hear back from Treasure Island on monday. It sounds like they really want me, but I won't know till then. It's 10.50 to start with full health and dental, and my chefs advised me to take it. We'll see. Back to the grill tonight.


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