Monday, December 27, 2004

Splash Mountain Factoids

Here's some crap I found on the Internet. Enjoy.

• The idea for Splash Mountain was originally conceived by Imagineer Tony Baxter in 1983 during his morning commute in rush-hour traffic on Interstate 5.
• Splash Mountain was originally going to be called "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah River Run."
• Nick Stewart, the voice of Brer Bear in Song of the South, also provided the voice for Splash Mountain's Brer Bear.
• The voice of Brer Rabbit is supposedly that of Jess Harnell, best known as the voice of Wakko Warner from the Warner Brothers' cartoon show "Animaniacs."
• Disneyland Splash Mountain's Zip-A-Dee Lady showboat is the largest animated prop ever—measuring 50 feet long and 30 feet tall.
• At the time of its opening, Splash Mountain's 52.5-foot flume chute was the largest of its kind.
• Bear Country was renamed Critter Country for Splash Mountain's premiere in 1989.
• Before Splash Mountain existed, on the site was a cave with a snoring bear inside and a sign warning "Sleeping Bear - Quiet!" The soundtrack can still be heard in Splash Mountain during the ride as you pass by Brer Bear's house... now it's Brer Bear snoring!
• Disneyland's Splash Mountain is covered with nearly 20,000 flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables, spread over a 3/4 acre carpet of exotic grasses.
• There are 180 optical sensors throughout the mountain to monitor the progress of the logs.
• The Zip-A-Dee Lady showboat and a small mule cart are the only two major props in Splash Mountain that are not sculpted out of concrete (a special concrete mixture that Disney designers nicknamed "mud.")

I am now bored with Splash Mountain Appreciation Day. I have decided it is now Go Home And Eat Nacho Cheese Twistaroni For Lunch Day.


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