Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hey Parents

Maybe I'm just grumpy from spending all day in a 3x5 box slinging nachos and hot dogs to endless waves of basketball kids but I got a beef here. Parents, the next time you send your 6 month old kid to get a slice of pizza for you, please bear this in mind-

1. Your kid is like 2'1. If I have to lean over the front of the counter to see them, maybe they aren't ready for cash transactions.

2. There are two basketball games on next to us. Your child speaks as loud as a caterpillar. Do they want nachos? Nicos? Cherry Coke? Churros? If its the last one, you're going to be disappointed, and I'm annoyed either way.

3. Your child appears too young to understand 'math' or 'basic counting' or even 'shapes. So I'd rather if they didn't correct me when I give them their change. I have a college degree, they don't.

Come to think of it, didn't I get a culinary degree specifically to get away from doing things like this? Dang, I never get what I want.


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