Monday, June 26, 2006

Back in Town

From this weekend:

- Twins win 3-0. Gwen is sad. The crowd was 50/50 between Twins and Cubs fans. Which made it that much sweeter when Joe Nathan nailed down his 100th career save. Mauer went 1-4 so I guess his BA actually went down. Bonus points to the 4 year old boy next to me who tried to get a "Lets go Twins and Cubs" chant going.

- Stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel. I betrayed my brethren by ordering room service 20 minutes before the kitchen closed. I'm so sorry.

- Found out church is at 9 during the summer. Not 10. 9. Oops.

-Went to Mall of America, looked at China patterns. Many china patterns. The guy helping us register was fabulous which made me happy as I'm the kind of person who likes it when the people I deal with subscribe to certain stereotypes.
What? At least I admit it.

- Actually have to work again during HK tonight, grrr. Must prep VCR for real this time...


At 12:14 PM, Blogger Jen said...

I wouldn't worry about it Ben. Your brethern probably betrayed you by spitting in your food.


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