Friday, June 23, 2006

Keywords Volume XXXIVJY

Really not much to talk about but it's probably time I moved on from my bitterness. Of course Liriano outdueled Clemens last night and Santana will probably win tonight. Just so that I can see, you know, Boof Friggin' Bonser tomorrow.
Boof Bonser and Carlos...see I can't even remember his last name.
Quick, let's do some keywords before I lose it again.

Nathan Disney's Animal Kingdom Parking tram- Ah yes I well remember from my time at Disney World a parking tram driver at Animal Kingdom (I mean, AK) named Nathan. Ok, guess where I lied in that previous sentence.

Figurines of Great Chef have to start somewhere- Sorry, wherever figurines start it's not here.

plus size wedding gorwn- Hey, thanks for pointing out my typos.

does chef really come back
- God I hope so.


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