Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blog News

-Gwen has updated her blog. If you loved me, you'd visit it every day.

- Latest Fun Keywords:
lyrics OF THAT'S ENOUGH BY HIDEKI No clue what they are and judging by the other search results neither does the Inter-net.

top chef harold and stephen gay lovers I really doubt it. Don't ask me that again.

"hell's kitchen" cries heather winning I, uh...? Do you want to see video of Heather from Hells Kitchen crying? After winning? Whatever you want I don't have it.

last years winner of hells kitchen That would be Michael Wray. He studied under Ramsay in the UK for awhile. Now he's back in the US, discovering that opening a restaurant is a lot of work. Instead he runs an online custom knife store. Or at least he'd like to. It doesn't seem that there is anything actually for sale there.
I understand Michael recieved "a chunk of cash and about $75,000 in kitchen equipment" for winning. No idea what a "chunk" equals but 75 grand in equipment aint gonna get you too far in opening your restaurant.


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