Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Couple o' notes

- Looks like my little site is fast becoming the Internet destination for information on eyeball injuries. I just got a hit from somewhere in England looking to learn about "bleeding on the eyeball".

So, to all my friends on the other side of the pond: It sucks, and if it happens to you see a doctor. Now get your taxes off my tea you limey bastards.

- Secret shame: I watch American Idol. Well, kinda, I guess I really only watch the elimination show. Sadly Chris was sent home tonight, and looked none too happy about it. Oh well, every time he appeared on the TV Gwen just had to mention how 'tasty' he was. (At one point I countered this with a comment about how hot Kellie Pickler was. I may have slept on the couch that night.) At least this show will be over soon. I don't think the Apprentice will ever end.


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