Monday, August 08, 2005

Last, Unseen HK episode

Finally got a chance to see the next to last ep of Hells Kitchen on tape.

-Jessica really hammered home how ridiculous it was that she got this far. She probably should have gone home a while back, in the one Jimmy got cut. It's kind of ridiculous that chef praised her for how hard she worked, when all the show ever, uh, showed was her standing around complaining that she didn't know what to do. It was pretty great seeing her sleep on the counter for two hours than go voulnteer to sleep in the dorm. Then come running back to help when there was like five minutes of work left. Then claim it was really hard work. Then bomb the souflee challenge.

-HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! No helicopter ride for you Ralph! The best thing was, his reward ended being meaningless since Michael got the fewest orders and still won.

-Ralphs fiacee Buffy took all of about, oh one line to make me like her as much as I like him.

-It already bugged me how nobody in that kitchen wore a hat or hairnet, but cripes, Jessica. The woman is constantly picker at her hair, wiping her nose with her sleeve, wiping of sweat with her bare hand, whatever. Its' really, really gross. Why the hell didn't chef ever yell at her for that???

Great episode though. Maybe my favorite.


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