Friday, April 08, 2005

Let's Take Care of This

I have alot of work to do today..hmmm....guessing I won't be able to update this orientation Monday morning. Well, I'll post as I can.

Anyway, Final Four and all that.

Frollo v. Shan-Yu. I am shocked, shocked that Shan-Yu won the last round. I know I've been hyping him all tourney, but how did he get past Ursula? Really?
Ok, lets figure this. Can they use a sword? Yes, Shan-Yu has his own special wavy cool looking sword. Actually I don't know how useful that thing would really be. And while it's good for chopping off the tops of random trees, it seems to be ineffectual against fans. Frollo meanwhile, didn't seem to really have any idea what to do with his sword. Push. Death scene? Frollo fell from a cathedral with a demonically possesed gargoyle screaming at him. Shan-Yu was blown up by fireworks. Hmmm. In the end Frollo and his muffin hat advance over Shan-Yu and his rags. Your'e a king or something Shan-Yu. Get thee to a tailors shop.

Jafar v. Hades. Really, I never saw Hercules so I can't vote for Hades. Well, I could...but Aladdin was a big hit whereas Hercules didn't even break even until it hit the foriegn market. Who's fault is that? I don't know. Did that movie even have a female lead? I'm sure it did but I can't think of her. Which is probably one of its problems. Disney needs to get back to making Princess movies. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Jafar.

By the way who was voting for the Evil Queen over Jafar? Really...I want you to admit it here and defend your decision. Come on.


At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's like this: She ordered a hunter to cut out Snow White's heart and bring it to her in a box all because a mirror told her that Snow White might some day be hotter than her. Besides, she has her own house at Disneyland where she watches you out the window. Top that.
As for this round. Shan Yu and Frollo both exploded when they died. Shan Yu needed fireworks to pull it off. Advantage Frollo. Hades is a god or something, but in the end, manages to accomplish no more than Jafar did as a mere mortal. In fact, Jafar went from nothing to being the most powerful genie in the world. It just wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be. Anyway, Jafar.
Good luck with everything you have going on these days.


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