Thursday, July 07, 2005

I was curious...just how lazy are the Twins with their nicknames? I'm looking over the active roster and here is a list of players and their nicknames which I have heard used by coaches, announcers etc.

Joe Mays- Mazee (May-zee)
Terry Mullholland- Mully
Juan Rincon- Rinky
J.C. Romero- Romey
Carlos Silva- Sillvy
Johan Santana- Sanny
Brad Radke- Bad Brad (Bear in mind I last heard this used about seven years ago.)
Matthew LeCroy- Matty
Juan Castro- Cas, Cassy
Justin Morneau- Morny
Luis Rivas- Rivvy
Lew Ford- Lewie
Torii Hunter- Spiderman (Yay!)
Shannon Stewart- Stewie
Jaques Jones- Jonesy (I wish I was making that up)
Michael Ryan- Rynie

Cripes, who are these guys? A baseball team or those ghosts that try to eat Pac-Man?


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